Photo restoration

Photo Restoration is the way of taking a corrupted or noisy image and estimating the clean, original image. Corruption may come in many forms such as motion blur, noise and camera mis-focus. Image restoration is performed by reversing the process that blurred the image and such is performed by imaging a point source and use the point source image, which is called the Point Spread Function (PSF) to restore the image information lost to the blurring process.

Image restoration is different from image enhancement in that the latter is designed to emphasize features of the image that make the image more pleasing to the observer, but not necessarily to produce realistic data from a scientific point of view. Image enhancement techniques like contrast strecthing or de-blurring by a nearest neighbor procedure) provided by imaging packages use no a priori model of the process that created the image.

Damaged photo restoration

Our key services for Photo Restoration

  • 1. Damaged photo restoration

  • 2. Black and white photo colorize

  • 3. Image color restoration

  • 4. Black and white photo restoration

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