Corporate identity design

In this digital era, most of the corporate houses requires their own business identity. It is important to define corporate identity, brand identity, and brand image. Corporate identity is concerned with the visual aspects of a company’s presence. When companies undertake corporate identity exercises, they are usually modernising their visual image in terms of logo, design, and collaterals. Such efforts do not normally entail a change in brand values so that the heart of the brand remains the same – what it stands for, or its personality.

Many companies do not realise this fallacy, as they are sometimes led to believe by agencies and consultancy companies that the visual changes will change the brand image. But changes to logos, signage, and even outlet design do not always change consumer perceptions of quality, service, and the intangible associations that come to the fore when the brand name is seen or heard.

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Our key services for Coporate Identity Design

  • 1. Magazine design

  • 2. Brochure design

  • 3. Catalogue design

  • 4. Logo design

  • 5. Business cards design

  • 6. Calendar design

  • 7. Icon design

  • 8. Sticker design

We are starting from $10.00 only for coporate identity design